Updated pictures: Earl/McLennan

One thing about cedar trees is that mosquitoes love to roost in them. It’s been awhile since I took pictures of rob mclennan and Amanda Earl’s poems on the Marlborough Forest trail. The trail is rather vast, cutting and crossing the forest – I’ll put the location of their poems up soon – I’m so used to how to get there that I don’t really pay attention to the signs. Amanda’s poem survived the icy winter – it’s exposed and edges a beaver pond. However, there is wear on the plywood, and the paper under the plexiglass is shrinking. It’s still standing, however! The effect is quite lovely, if you’re used to things disintegrating over time…rob’s poem is in the forest and edges a small footbridge over a stream. In the spring/summer, the understory  bursts and covers the poem before the trees fill in. In the fall, the poem is visible. What is unique about his poem, placed where it is, is that it sports two sun spots. Last year, I noticed one, and this year, there is another, smaller one. The light, coming through the trees at just an angle has burned into the page two holes ~ pics are up on the rout/e page.


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