Wind takes installation

I happen to have a love of kites; things that the wind can take away. derek beaulieu‘s piece, Translating Translating Apollinaire, was placed on a grey birch stand – an awkward looking grey birch stand – made up of vinyl on plexiglass, framed in 1.5 inch cedar. It was angled to match (as closely as I could) the solar panel array alongside it. It was one remove from the empty solar panel array that was stolen a few years ago. Translating Translating Apollinaire (TTA) is located at Baxter Conservation Area. It is a lovely wetland on the Rideau River; it is also a local hotspot for swimming and various outdoor activities. It is, more recently, in an area that is earmarked for the TransCanada Corporation proposed Energy East pipeline project…the implementation of a pipeline under the Rideau River that would be carrying diluted bitumen to St. John, New Brunswick from Hardisty, Alberta.

I did wonder what would happen. TTA was screwed to the birch, but one particularly blustery evening it must have been wind-taken. The manager found TTA when she arrived in the morning, on the ground, the plexi cracked a little, but otherwise in fairly good shape. I will be replacing it, but until then, the grey birch stands, awkward. derek’s bio sits beside it. There is an empty space beside the empty space.

New photos, pre flight but wintery, are here.

derek’s work suits the outdoor spaces admirably.

For those interested in these things, there is a pre-translation of Translating Translating Apollinaire. Didn’t want to say anything until now ~


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