January 1, 2015 – and not too long before I’m internationally based – so rout/e may adopt a different landscape for awhile. In the meantime, over this month, I have a few sites to check: yesterday returned to Baxter Conservation Area to revise derek beaulieu’s piece, or the absence thereof. Have taken measurements and will be adjusting the installation to accommodate my upcoming absence (can’t check on it when I’m gone) and also the varying temperatures and climate conditions that occur in the winter/spring here. Flooding…. a rawlings’ piece, “I will not ruin the environment”, is the last one of the series that I initially started. The others have all been taken or moved to places unknown to me. A short description of it can be found if you follow the arawlings link. It seemed fitting to check on it today – I’m thinking it is cold enough that the puddles that overtake the track will be frozen. angela’s piece (which I’d checked on in the summer) had fallen face up in a puddle and somehow had escaped the tire treads of the ATV enthusiasts roaring through. I re-placed it out of the way, leaning near some hawthorn and old maple, backed by juniper scrub, but it was difficult to photograph because the track and mud were so puddled that I was constantly slipping. The track is lined with trash; someone categorized/archived the trash into discrete piles around 2012/13. Since then, the ATV enthusiasts have altered the track so that it is really more puddle than track – fantastic in the spring for those of us who love frogs, but problematic for walking in the spring and, really, right into the fall. The puddles don’t drain well when they’re so large; the beaver ponds don’t assist with that, either. For everyone who has participated in rout/e, and everyone who has followed it, many thanks and very best for 2105!


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