“Saw your poem in the woods”

Seems like this guy saw Bowering’s poem in the woods. “Saw your poem in the woods,” he said. Now, I know him. We’ve chatted quite a bit, as he runs the Home Hardware not far from me, and sometimes we talk nuts and bolts and plexiglass and sometimes we talk music and sometimes we talk projects like poetry. And he walks, often the same sorts of places I do. But this is the first time someone local has actually said something about the poem in the woods. “Where? Which poem?” I said. There are a few. “Can’t remember the name, but it had something about kissing in Parliament.” “Ah,” I said. “Ferguson Forest Centre. George Bowering.” “Yeah. I think so. Neat. It’s right by a little bridge, and a bit in.” Yep. That’s the one. Thing is, though, that I could swear that that poem went missing. And now….it’s back? So it’s been missing for 2 or so years. So…someone replanted it? In snow? I’ll have to go and recheck the site; it’s been awhile. Get some new pics to post. Maybe tomorrow. I think I have a Bowering chapbook somewhere. Maybe I’ll drop one off at the Home Hardware….


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