Final version

It was a brisk -19 degrees yesterday morning at Baxter Conservation Area; the tobogganing hill was looking pretty slick, so it’s obviously been getting a lot of use.

derek beaulieu’s poetry piece, Translating Translating Apollinaire, blew off its grey birch stand a few months ago. Yesterday, I replaced it with a new version. The first version, framed in cedar and screwed into the grey birch, had been placed to mimic the angle of the solar arrays beside it. This new  version was placed on unframed plexiglass, screwed into a 2×1 stake, and leans over derek beaulieu’s bio. It will be interesting to see what happens with the snow/melt. To hold it in place — because the ice is too thick to get through, and the ground beneath, obviously, frozen — I have piled up snow and ice chunks so that the piece does not shift. During melt, the piece might tilt a bit – and I will have to check on it then. The ice chunks are roughly circular…


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