After a long summer, fall

I’ve mostly finished constructing the poems for rout/e and am planning the next phase, which is to place them along various trails I frequent. Today, Bob Hogg’s poem, “Circles” and Hiromi Suzuki’s poem, “A Swimmer” were placed along the Scotch Line Trail – an old railway bed that has been converted to a multi-use trail that runs east to west, and is accessible from Merrickville, or from Kemptville.

Bob’s poem is about 1.5 km east from the Merrickville entrance, fronting an oak tree, some hawthorne, and a few small yellow birch. The track shows abundant evidence of dolomite limestone – common in this area. An old cedar fence backgrounds the oak, and behind that, an unused field.

Hiromi’s poem lies alongside a track that connects to the Scotch Line trail; I have never seen the track dry. It’s a lovely spot.

I’ll post all pictures soon – once all of the poems are planted. Participants are: Robert Hogg, Hiromi Suzuki, Jordan Abel, Bruno Neiva, Jamie Reid, jwcurry, Christine LeClerc, Eric Magrane, Jason Christie, and Steven Ward.


2 thoughts on “After a long summer, fall

  1. Hi Chris,
    Recently learned about your rout/e project and love it!!! and would love to talk more and to invite you to Manitoulin Island to participate in a symposium in July on land-based arts research and practice, with theme of Walking, hosted by 4elements Living Arts, I didn’t find an email address or other way to contact you, so do reply to this (soon–) if you are interested to talk further? Thanks for your work!!!! Heather Thoma, Elemental Excursions Coordinator, 4elements Living Arts, Kagawong, ON


  2. Hello, I bicycled the Scotch Line Trail (with some difficulty) on May 14, 2016 and very much enjoyed coming upon the two poems – marvellous selection. With a background provided by trilliums in full bloom. Thank you for posting them. Where else will you do it?


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