Cornerbrook, Newfoundland

rout/e was extended to the Glynmill Pond section of the Cornerbrook Stream Trail network in Cornerbrook, Newfoundland during March 2014. As part of a conference on digital publishing at the Glenfell Campus of Memorial University, local poets, conference attendees, and students from the campus planted poems on the Glynmill trail, in deep snow. Students in Shoshanna Ganz’s literature class constructed the installations using poems solicited from writers in the Cornerbrook community. As they were planted, the writer “read” the poem out loud. When we left the trail, we observed another couple pausing to read one of the poems. Since then one of the poems has been sighted in the river, and all others are missing except for a lone poem that’s still upright – in all cases, there’s no evidence of destruction. Collaborators/participants were Adrian Fowler, Stephan Walke, Holly Pike, Beth Follett, Adam Beardsworth and Shosh Ganz. Some students also came along for the walk/experience.


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