derek beaulieu – of installing translating translating apollinaire

Many months ago now, I asked derek beaulieu if he would be open to having an installation of one of his pieces placed at Baxter Conservation Area – a conservation zone on the Rideau River in Kars, Ontario. The Rideau is a remnant, say a fluvial scar, of the Champlain Sea – it is a slow moving river that hosts a number of species, including humans, who use it for fishing, bathing, and, probably in the future, water supply. It edges a sensitive aquifer area. The Baxter Conservation Area is well used, locally – the beach packed during the day in summer, restful at night and early dawn; the nut grove an interesting habitat and resource, the boardwalk/trails host useful information about plant life, species, and adaptation/evolution/predation. The Baxter Conservation Area is also part of an active marsh system.

The installation was created over the summer months – as the area had a lot of rain between April and mid June, there was quite a bit of flooding. Coba Studios helped design an enlargement of derek’s piece in vinyl, weather resistant, material. Baxter Conservation had some grey birch that needed to be cut down to make room in their spruce groves for the spruce to grow, so the manager, Andrea Wood, and I cut one down one sunny fall morning. Fiddlehead Soup allowed me to include their music as part of the installation in the form of q-code for those interested in connecting to SoundCloud and listening to their sound.

The installation fills an area beside an empty solar array panel. The vinyl, placed individually as an enlargement of derek’s piece, is on plexiglass. The plexiglass is screwed into the endpoint of a grey birch pole, supported by two smaller fragments of the same tree. Grateful thanks to Jeff for the use of his battery operated drill and his mitre saw, as well as a helpful stoop discussion about angles and engineering. It does take me back to the reasons I never did seem to master algebra and trig, once upon.

TransCanada/Energy East are proposing to the National Energy Board (NEB) to convert a natural gas pipeline that runs under the Rideau and onward across agricultural fields into a pipeline that will carry diluted bitumen. This is part of a 4600 km proposed pipeline starting at Hardisty, AB and terminating in St. John, New Brunswick that aims to carry diluted bitumen as a way of moving oil from the West, eastward, among other things. Should this project be realized/approved, I will transporting the installation elsewhere.



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