Jamie Reid: Homage to Paul Éluard

Jamie Reid contributed his poem “Homage to Paul Éluard” in the early days of rout/e, around 2011 or 2012. It was to become part of his chapbook collection, Homages (Vancouver: Pooka Press) through which he pays tribute to, and mirrors, the conceptual and literary forms of a variety of French poets. You can hear Jamie’s reading at the launch of Homages, held in Vancouver in 2009.

In fall of 2015,I put together a videopoem that combines “Homage to Paul Éluard” with a variety of footage. “Homage to Paul Éluard” seems unproblematic to articulate. It’s not. Jamie’s work is deeply thoughtful, particular, intense, and generous. His poems are worth returning to.

In 2014, Jamie sent me a poem from his manuscript, Fake Poems, for rout/e. I planted it in fall 2015, at Baxter Conservation Area. It was placed at the side of a small footbridge, under which runs a stream between wetlands. I planted his poem between rain showers; I’d just finished when a bit of everything precipitous occurred: sleet, snow, and rain, in various strengths.

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