Then another footprint

Footprint” described a bit about rout/e‘s transformation from a small press (paper-based) to a footpress (installation), and Amanda Earl’s Angelhouse Press published a few more depthly odds and sods about rout/e at the start of 2015. BUT rout/e does not exist without the poems, and for those who have contributed their writing – thank you.

I’ve changed this site around a little bit. Some of the poems that I initially planted as part of rout/e are either missing or have undergone changes as a result of the seasons. I’ve chosen to post more images of the poems ‘over time’. Of course, it’s not just the poems that have changed over time – so have their sites and their surroundings. These can be found in the category rout/e: 2011-2014.

rout/e‘s footpress meanderings are mostly trail-based, site-specific, installations of poems solicited by invite and planted over a series of (many!) months via paper, plexi, and plywood screwed to 1×2’s. Since 2013, however, some small side paths have developed, such as a single, large, installation, or an ongoing collaborative curation and more formalized structure, as with Katherine Forster and Friends of Petrie Island, or the happenstance  ‘found’ installation material, as with the Black Walnut Grove plantings. Low Frequency Press published a swish chapbook comprised of the work of arawlings and photographs of her poem “The Great Canadian”. I’ve re-organized the site to reflect these directions.

And so to 2016.  A videopoem forthcoming; another Petrie Island collaboration; some more plantings; some stone-work. More postings to come.

Poems lost/vanished:

Monty Reid, Steven Ward, derek beaulieu

Poems re-placed:

arawlings, Amanda Earl

Poems burned by sun through plexiglass:

rob mclennan

Poems that float:

derek beaulieu

Poems that re-appear:

George Bowering

Poems snatched by black lab:

Jamie Reid

Poems inaccessible 5 months of the year:

Eric Magrane

Poem most obviously read:

Christine LeClerc

Poems discovered by friends who didn’t know about rout/e:

bruno neiva, Jason Christie

Poems that warped:

Jason Christie